Ant Control in Kingston Upon Thames


Ant Control Kingston upone thames

In Kingston upon Thames ants are common and could be attacking members of your family while they are playing in the backyard. Ants will bite to protect their colony, and ant bites can be very painful for young children and some people have allergic reactions to the bite of an ant. To protect from ants in your Kingston upon Thames home get in touch with us today. Our ant control service is 100% guaranteed.


The start of a new colony begins when a mated winged female ant creates a cell that provides for a large number of white eggs. After 3-4 weeks these eggs hatch into legless larvae. The female adult ant feed the larvae through secretion of their salivary glands. The larva matures and pupate in the cell after 3 weeks. The adult ants emerge after about 2 weeks. The first generation of adults will be workers. These tend to the queen and the next batch of larvae by collecting and digging tunnels in the nest.


Ants feed on a range of foods from small dead insects to nectar and sugary secretions produced by greenfly and black fly. In the summer winged males and females will emerge on a hot or humid day. They leave the nest in large numbers usually in the afternoon and mate in the air, the males die after mating, and the females ant survive to start new colonies.


Our professional pest control team are fully trained and experienced in removing unwanted ants, and have been serving the Kingston upon Thames area for years.

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