Rat Control Kingston Upon Thames


rat control Kingston upon thames

Rodents pose a threat to the health of people in Kingston upon Thames, leading to many diseases such as weil disease and salmonella, which are potentially fatal. Rats can also cause significant damage to your Kingston upon Thames property. Our aim is to help you to avoid infestation, as once established rats are very difficult to control and control.


Rats live in small groups that has one or more dominant males. The dominant males territory extends up to 100 meters and they explore every day. Any intruders will be engaged into a fight until they leave the territory these fights can sometimes be fatal. Rats are neo phobic which means they have a fear of new objects which makes them cautious and any new object in its territory it takes several days before he accepts it.


Like mice, rats are color blind and have vision problems. They have an extremely strong sense of smell and touch. Rats can pass through a hole as small as 13 mm in diameter which means there is always a way for them to sneak into your Kingston upon Thames home.


Though not good climbers because of their size, the rat can climb up the inside and outside of the pipes and jump three feet vertically, falling 15 cm without injury and can be buried to a depth of 1.2 m!


We are the leading provider of rat control services for Kingston upon ThamesĀ areas and all over London. Our rat removal and prevention services is guaranteed and you can be assured we will remove and carry out prevention methods to prevent future infestations.


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