Wasp Control Kingston Upon Thames

Wasp nest removal Kingston upon Thames


The largest ever wasp nest found in the UK was in Southampton in 2010 and contained half a million wasps. Only female wasps actually sting. Wasps are omnivores they feed on nectar, larvae and sweet fruit. Wasps are predators to bees. Wasps do not pollinate as they do not have the tiny hairs on their bodies that bee’s have. All male wasps die at the onset of Winter while the female hibernate and return in spring to start a new nest.


Although rare, wasp stings can cause anaphelectic shock and as a result fatalities arise every year. Despite what many people believe hornet stings are no more dangerous than wasp stings. The pain is far worse however, as the sting is longer and can penetrate the muscles.


We appreciate that professional wasp control service in Kingston upon Thames may seem costly therefore we guarantee we keep our prices low and fair. Be certain the quality of our wasp eradication service for Kingston upon Thames is still to extremely high standards.


With us you can get trained Kingston upon Thames wasp controllers that you can afford. Be certain you,ll be working with one of our professionals who aims to eradicate your wasp problem as fast as possible. We offer you the most reliable service at a cost that is suitable for every budget.

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